Angela Raincatcher

Spirit-led Artist

Pagan Priestess

May the work of my hands be a blessing to the world

About Angela

Consciously Pagan since the late 1980s, I have been a priestess and community organizer since the early 2000s. I am currently the convener of the public ritual group Connect DC.

At heart I am an animist and an equal-opportunity polytheist. In my endeavors and life journey, I

lead with a strong and open heart, and I strive to

treat all living beings with the respect they inherently deserve.

Art Work

Acrylics. Pixels. Yarn. Clay.

My studio in the Baltimore-Washington metro area is a crossroads and sacred circle where the physical meets the spiritual to create manifest forms of beauty, healing, and transformation.

Priestess Work

I can officiate your life’s rites of passage from baby blessings to weddings to funerals. I also do spiritual house cleansings/blessings and facilitate community rituals.

Featured Projects & Communities

Hosting public Pagan seasonal and full moon rituals in Washington, DC

Exploring the rich diversity of the divine as experienced in the modern world

76-card oracle deck featuring animals from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

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